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Receive a custom evaluation for your home, including comparisons to other homes that have recently sold or are on the market. This guarantees you receive the most accurate information available. To find out what your home is worth, fill out the information below:

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That very simply is the goal of every seller and, as your REALTOR®, my goal as well.

Did you know there are 9 unique factors that influence the sale of a home? The seller is responsible for some and others are market driven. The last one is the active marketing of your property and that is my responsibility as your listing agent.

My marketing plan recognizes that today's buyers do their initial research on the internet. I use a "big push" effort to market my listings through the many channels available on the web of which there are literally thousands. The Internet is the information super highway buyers use to find a home. As a seller you have to be on that same super highway and I'll get you there.

The "Open House", a traditional marketing tool, takes on new significance in the Internet Age. Today's buyer armed with knowledge of your house from one of many web sites welcomes an "open" to support his cyber impression that your house may be the one. They work together from the global reach of the Web to the neighborhood "open".

Pricing a house for sale is many times based on "comps" alone. What did the house down the street sell for? I use a 4 scenario pricing model. The blending of the 4 approaches produces a close-to-best market price for your house. You'll see - this model is the best way to price a home to sell.

I see many offers to purchase and most are a jumble of price, terms, schedules, inspections, conditions and financing contingencies - you name it. My job is to help you make sense of every offer so you can reach a reasonable decision. Then I will manage the process to a successful settlement. I will be there every step of the way, and there are several. I have the experience and tools to ease the way and avoid the pitfalls. That's a big part of my job.

There are more details to my responsibilities as your listing agent, be it marketing or managing the contract. I'm sure you have questions. Let's explore further.

Feel free to contact me at (703) 472-6206 or 
peter@SoldOnMcLean.com. This could be the best move of your life!

I look forward to working with you.

Peter Maucher, Realtor

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